Monaco to La Turbie Hike (Via Alpina)

view on Monaco port, old town and Fontvieille from the hiking path behind Monaco in direction to La Turbie

The hike from Monaco to La Turbie is an activity off the beaten path; it’s an opportunity to walk around Monaco and discover some amazing views on the way to La Turbie.

Hike from Monaco to La Turbie : where to start

There are several hikes between Monaco and La Turbie. This one is the famous Via Alpina that starts on the left hand side of the Monaco Palace (when facing it).

The Via Alpina is a 5000km hike (Yes, 5000!) starting in Monaco and ending in Trieste, Italy through 8 countries. This itinerary is only 1/1000 of the total distance.

signs indicating the departure of the via alpina in Monaco
Departure of the Hike

Note that you can start the hike anywhere you want, just check out the map at the end of this post.

Walking from Monaco to La Turbie : what to expect

It is about 5km to La Turbie so you should consider 1h/1h30 of hiking (one way). The first part of the hike is inside the Principality (road / stairs) and the second part is a trail.

Notice the white and red stripes mark on the left hand side of the picture. Follow these marks on the trail.
view on Fontvieille from the via alpina, the hike from Monaco to La Turbie
View over Fontvieille and “Le Rocher”
view on Monaco from the Via Alpina hike
Can’t get enough of this view!
on the trail from Monaco to La Turbie

There are many hikes from Monaco to La Turbie; If you don’t want to get lost or end up on a longer trail, simply click on this symbol to open the map in GoogleMaps.

Note that Google doesn’t show some of the trails but with the pictures I added on the map, and the signage (follow the white and red marks) you can’t get lost!

What to do in La Turbie after the hike from Monaco

Have a typical french meal in a bistrot style restaurant : Café de la Fontaine. Don’t forget to book.

At the end of the hike, you’ll pass by the Tropaeum Alpium, you can also visit it.

tropaeum alpium in la Turbie
At the end of the hike you’ll pass by the Tropaeum Alpium
How to head back to Monaco after the hike
  • You can go back from the way you came.
  • If you are tired, you can take the bus #11. 7 to 10 bus per day, so better check the schedule. In 25min it will take you to the Monaco Tourism Office where you can transfer to the Monaco bus network.

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